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Oil & Water

“I took the original photograph for what became Oil & Water during the 2008 hurricane season. Traveling by train from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico and back, I saw how climate change and economics was changing America’s Midwestern and Southern landscape. It was during a Gulf to Gulf session in 2009, with scientists Dr. Eugene Turner and Dr. James White, that I made “Red Sky.” That was the first image of the Oil & Water series, capturing my sense of future danger to our environment. Subsequent images in the series were inspired by the tragic British Petroleum oil spill.” — Aviva Rahmani


Oil & Water was first shown as a series of 15 images in an artist book for One of A Kind, an exhibition of unique artist's books, at Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge MA in 2011 then, Unbound – An Exhibition in 3 Chapters at Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2012, One of a Kind III at Owens Art Gallery, Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, Canada in 2013 and also in 2013 at One of a Kind IV at AC Institute, New York, NY, all curated by Heide Hatry.”

Individual images from the Oil & Water series have also been shown in the following: SHFT, at 133 Greene Street, New York, NY in 2010 curated by Edie Kahula Pereira, in 2011 at Oil Spill: Information Gulf, at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM, curated by Katie Avery, Beyond the Horizon, at Deutsche Bank, New York, NY curated by Amy Lipton, Horizon Lines at ecoartspace New York, NY also curated by Amy Lipton and in 2013 for It's the End of the World as We Know it (and I Feel Fine), Ramapo College Art Galleries, Mahwah, NJ curated by Amy Lipton.


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