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Gulf to Gulf

Gulf to Gulf began in 2009 as a New York Foundation for the Arts sponsored project. The focus of Gulf to Gulf is to effect climate change policy with art, while observing the impacts of global warming on gulf regions internationally. Work includes site observation, interactive desktop sharing sessions, and webcasts with scientists and others led by Aviva Rahmani. The Blued Trees Symphony is part of Gulf to Gulf.

Documentation, analysis and interpretation of new insights about climate change and global warming are presented in casual conversations between Aviva Rahmani and Dr. Jim White, paleoecologist (Professor of Geological Sciences, Fellow and Director of the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research INSTAAR at the University of Colorado at Boulder, CO), Dr. Eugene Turner, wetlands biologist (Distinguished Research Master and Professor, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA), and invited guests. Gulf to Gulf partners with WebServes (James Bradley) – developers of the Gulf to Gulf Project website, to broadly reconceive the definition of a site as geographic location and virtual interface. It presumes that physical, imaginative, and virtual sites can be interdependent.

The end goal of these conversations is to affect climate change policy. Gulf to Gulf, a collection of raw recordings of webcast conversations, has been accessed from over 85 countries, and has a dedicated website. Guests have included the late Dr. Michele Dionne, former Director of Research at the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, Wells, Maine; Dr. Thomas Dunlap, Environmental Historian, Professor at Texas A & M University; and Dr. Harvey Hix an American poet, scholar, and Professor at University of Wyoming.

Gulf to Gulf builds on the previous Virtual Concerts format of free-flowing podcast discussions.


Stills from Gulf to Gulf were shown in the following exhibition: Still Waters, curated by Lisa Alembik, Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College Decatur, GA, 2009.


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