Aviva Rahmani, ecological artist
Aviva Rahmani, ecological artist

Fish Story

Fish Story, evolved from Gulf to Gulf, is an effort to apply Aviva Rahmani’s Trigger Point Theory to the bioregion of the Mississippi Water Basin with a focus on the city of Memphis, Tennessee. The Gulf to Gulf team (Aviva Rahmani, Dr. Eugene Turner and Dr. Jim White) was invited to create this project for Memphis Social by curator Tom McGlynn, cofounder of Beautiful Fields, which was awarded the domestic 2013 franchise support grant from apexart to produce Memphis Social in Memphis, TN.

The Gulf to Gulf team collaborated to show synergy between environmental factors, including climate change, affecting fish in the Mississippi, in the vicinity of Memphis. Many people are not aware that fish are being affected by all the same factors causing disruptive drought, storms, temperature extremes and flooding world wide. Memphis was chosen as a point between factory farms upstream and dead zones downstream in the Gulf of Mexico, affecting the survival of fish. Dr. Turner noted the 'trigger point' for healing dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico is Iowa, because it's at the center of Midwestern factory farms releasing nitrogens into the water system flowing into the gulf. The goal of Fish Story was a series of events to support local and regional conservation and enhance restoration science. Fish Story's progress was tracked on Rahmani's blog, Pushing Rocks, in 100 posts. An outcome of this project was the rough mathematical calculation by Dr. White, based on what we knew in 2013, that if the earth could be re-greened by 36% we might mitigate climate change; and the Gulf to Gulf website.


Stills from Fish Story were shown in the following exhibition: Memphis Social curated by Tom McGlynn of Beautiful Fields, Memphis College of Art's Hyde Gallery, Memphis, TN, May 10 – 18, 2013.


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