Aviva Rahmani, ecological artist
Blue Sea Lavender Project

Blue Sea Lavender

Blue Sea Lavender was a series of events and performances during the one day "Site Specific" show curated by Pat Nick, August 19th, 2009, on Vinalhaven Island, Maine. A sub-theme of the show was the celebration of recently installed wind power turbines on Vinalhaven Island to serve the Fox Islands.

Blue Sea Lavender is a parable about watching the loss of species diversity in the Gulf of Maine, by inventing a mythical plant. The plant’s plaint is, "I am so blue. I am Blue Sea Lavender. I have lost my children, my family, my community, my home." The event included the singing Puccini's "Vissi d'arte" in a public preserve at specific times over a 6 hour period. The day before, large drawings of the mythical plant were created on the sand of 2 local preserve parking lots using branches, rocks and water, knowing that cars would destroy the drawings, as people have destroyed many species across the earth.

5 min video clip


Stills from Blue Sea Lavender were shown in the following exhibition: Blue Sea Lavender for Site Specific curated by Pat Nick, New Era Gallery, Fog Gallery and other locations on Vinalhaven Island, ME, 2009.


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